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call 1-877-278-9626 for foam machines and foam fluid

Baton Rouge foam party rental 877-278-9626

Simple steps for having a foam machine rental company out to your home, church, day camp, summer camp, or carnival in Baton Rouge for your next special event:
1. Make sure the weather is right. The temperature should be about 70º or higher.
2. In Louisiana and surrounding cities there should be options for renting a foam machine locally. Look on the internet. This is a tiny industry so if you get someone on the phone in a different market then ask for referrals. We all know each other in this business.
3. Make sure the price quoted includes the foam machine and foam solution. As long as you call a reputable company the party will work well.
4. The foam containment structure, an attendant, & delivery/ pick-up/ set-up should be extra. When you are working with professional foam machine rental companies you should always have options. Depending on the type of event you have scheduled you should rent accordingly. If your school carnival will last all day then the recommendation (by the experts) is for you to not pay for the attendant. When renting a professional foam machine from a reputable company then the set-up and operation of the equipment will be simple.

5. Always get clear instructions with the foam machine rental.
6. Pricing varies.  Night clubs and college parties cost more. The expectation and number of attendees is higher at those events. Those events start and end at non-traditional times so you will pay a premium for those rentals. The attendant fee at a night club party is recommended. Kids foam parties may last one hour or more. These events have very little set-up and break-down. The young people love the foam the most.
7. In Baton Rouge call 1-877-278-9626 to get the most local foam machine rental for your next foam party.

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